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The Paradox

Hodgepodge 4 the Soul:

Prayer Request

Originally posted on Numbered Days:

Davy is ok, yet I write today with heaviness in my eyes, exhaustion deep-set within my bones and weariness of soul.

The NICU is a paradox. It’s is a beacon of immense hope for some and simultaneously a memorial of unspeakable grief for others.

For Chelsea and I, the NICU is still a lighthouse in the midst of this tumultuous sea. Yet sadly, the family next door has lost the light and the baby didn’t make it through the day. I couldn’t confirm with the nurses (rightfully so for the privacy of the family), but it’s hard to hide the heavy sobs reverberating off the hospital walls.

I HATE this place but I LOVE this place.

I hate sickness but love the medicine that heals it. I hate that babies have to come here but I love that they have a chance at life. I hate that jobs like these…

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Humanity: Something We All Should Be Concerned About

While I was searching for news this morning, on one of my favorite news sites, I happened to stumble upon this story, buried under the never ending articles of the Middle East.  (Please don’t get your knickers in a bunch!  Yes, I know that everything happening is important.  It’s just that over the years I’ve noticed that more things seem to be more important than others. And humanitarian pieces tend to get overlooked.)

In Tanzania, people who have Albinism, (commonly know as ‘Ablbino’), are segregated, brutalized, sexually assaulted, or even murdered.  (I’m not going to say anymore about the actual accounts.  You’ll just have to follow the links I’ve inserted, and read it for yourselves.)

Excerpt taken from a PDF found on http://www.underthesamesun.com

Excerpt taken from a PDF found on http://www.underthesamesun.com

After reading the initial article, I did a Google search on an organization named, and found more information concerning these precious souls.

On the website for the organization, Under the Same Sun , I found a link to PDF that I chose to read.  All of the images were far too graphic for me to post here.

“We need support to respond to the humanitarian crisis” ~ Red Cross: from CNN article

Why am I posting something like this?  Well, it’s something we should all be aware of.

“People with the genetic condition, characterized by a lack of pigment, are often referred to in Tanzania as ghosts, or zero zero, which in Swahili signifies someone who is less than human. Witch doctors often lead brutal attacks to use albino body parts in potions they claim bring riches.” ~ Associated Press

Am I trying to be some super-blogging-hero? Nope.  As a mother, I find that this piece has become more than just a “piece of news.”  It tugged at my heart to the point of wanting to share this with as many people as possible.


*{And to those of you who call yourself Prayer Warriors and Intercessors, you should already know what to do…}


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It never ceases to amaze me how the readership of this blog grows even when I am absent for a period of time.  I’m so pleased that you all find it something worth coming back to. :D

Today has been a not so much a posting day, but a visiting-new-followers day.  And it’ll probably take a few more days of visiting before I complete my rounds. :) You guys are passionate about what you write and share, and I vibe off of that. :D

Thank you again, to all of you!  You make blogging here a joy :)♥


God has a plan for you but when does it start…..???

Hodgepodge 4 the Soul:

“…trust Him.”

Originally posted on kingspeech:

I was thinking about destiny today. When did Israel start walking in what God called them to do?

Was it in Egypt or maybe in the desert? It must have definitely started when they got to the land of milk and honey! That is what I thought for a long time. Everyone has a land of milk and honey to get to. That is our destiny right?

When did Moses start walking in what God called him to do? Was it when he was growing up in Pharaoh’s palace or was it when he was living in the desert with Jethro? It must of being when he went back to Egypt and God used him to deliver the Israelites!! It must of being when the Israelites got to the promise land and crossed it….that must be it!

From these two scenarios we see the dilemma of destiny. When did God’s…

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Hodgepodge 4 the Soul:

So needed this today. I’m thankful that I “stumbled” across it.

Originally posted on atimetoshare:


If you knew me well, you would soon come to see that I don’t have a lot of confidence.  I sometimes lose heart when things get tough –  I often try to handle things myself with little success –  I don’t like to chances  – I need someone to lean on.

Fortunately I have been blessed with a loving spouse and a family and friends I can count on. Even if I didn’t have those things in my life I do have someone who will walk me through any kind of trouble, fears, anxiety, as well as to rejoice in my successes and hopes fulfilled.

Each day we are called upon to take chances.  We get married and start a family without really knowing the obstacles we might face.  We make investments in real estate, our education, a business and the stock market without any guarantees. When we face old…

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A Simple Manifesto: They Too Are People (Photo Essay by Hannah Stonebraker)

Hodgepodge 4 the Soul:

They are indeed…

Originally posted on The Leftern Wall:

Guest writer and photographer: Hannah Stonebraker 

One must recognize they too are people.

Photography by Hannah Stonebreaker

(This may seem simple. This may seem obvious. I wish, these days, all days, it was.)


They too are people. (Not animals. Not enemies, Not primitives. People.) Whomever you consider your other, whomever you consider to be your intellectual, ideological, religious, territorial enemy – they too are people.


They too have mothers and sons and daughters and wives and friends.


They too love and hate and give and take.


They too believe what they believe for reasons both known and unknown both to themselves and to others.


They too believe things with which I both agree and disagree – intellectually, emotionally, painfully, ideologically.


But hard as it may be – I shall try to listen.


Listen to these reasons, listen to their beliefs, listen to their pain and ideology and fear.

An overwhelming amount of fear.


For what…

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