Short & Sweet

Happy Monday evening!  Hopefully this past weekend had something in it that made you smile, laugh, left you feeling loved. Have a blessed evening. :) ♥

Always Run to Jesus

Why is it that in stressful situations I want to run to the very thing I’m trying to kick? Food was always my go-to thing when I would feel down or under a lot of emotional stress. Growing up both of my grandmothers’ favorite thing to say in those moments was, “Here, have a cookie,”… More Always Run to Jesus

Flashback Friday

I thought that I was done posting for the day.  As I was getting ready to log off, my mind wandered to a day that is etched in my heart forever, or at least one of the days that’s etched in my heart. On this particular afternoon, I was blessed to have been able to… More Flashback Friday

Big Thank You

To all of you who been with me since day 1, Thank You So Much!  Your support, encouragement and prayers mean more to me than you can possibly imagine.  And to those who are new to this blog, Welcome and thank you for following.  I appreciate each and every interaction, especially the kind comments.  Lately,… More Big Thank You