I think much about how Abraham must have felt he had to let Hagar and Ishmael go. I think at some point we have those moments.  And did Hagar see it coming? Having to be cast out? We have those moments too, being blind-sided. The two of them had a connection through Ishmael. Were there strong feelings between the two of them? Was this an agonizing decision for Abraham? I know Hagar must have been deeply wounded in her spirit. For  years she and Abraham had a certain relationship that he did not have with his own wife. A connection was made, but in order to have GOD’s best, to be in covenant with GOD so that GOD would keep HIS part of the PROMISE, Abraham had to let her go, and I know that hurt deeply because let’s face it! It wasn’t her fault Abraham messed up, but God heard Hagar’s cry in the wilderness. She was not comfortless, although it certainly seemed that way.(Gen21:1-21) ; BUT OH! WE ARE NOT ALONE NOR ARE WE FORGOTTEN IN OUR TIMES OF DEEPEST SORROW. FOR, OUR CRIES ARE HEARD AND ANSWERED; just like OUR FATHER sent an angel to speak and minister to Hagar in the wilderness, so, HE does the same for us. Something will be said, or something done to remind us that we are most assuredly NOT ALONE.  As Jesus said: “…I will pray the Father and shall give you another COMFORTER the he may abide with you forever…I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you…but the COMFORTER (sent in Jesus’ name) shall teach you all things, and bring to your rememberance whatsoever I have said to you….” John 14: 16-26


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