Honored & Completely Surprised

      Well, recently, this blog was nominated for the “Versatile Blogger Award.” And although it’s not about awards, but about speaking my heart, I want to take the time to thank http://dragoneystory.wordpress.com/ for the consideration and for nominating this blog. I appreciate you. Now it’s time to follow the rules:

7 little tidbits about me:

  1. I love with a passion Latin Jazz Percussion (meaoooooow)
  2. Learning the piano, again, but difficult when my passion is percussion and electric bass
  3. Love to sing
  4. I want to go deeper into photography,especially underwater
  5. I like the movies “Easy A” and “Juno”…THANKS GIRLS
  6. I really dislike having to talk about myself 😉
  7. I love to swim, I feel most at home in the water

My nominations:

It’s very difficult to single out and nominate only a few. Actually, I want to nominate everyone I follow and visit on wordpress! I have learned and gained so much from each and every one of you. So hear are my nominations, in no particular order/preference:














I have to stop here; as I said, I give this to all the bloggers I follow.  All of your blogs are enriching and thought provoking. And I appreciate you all so much. 🙂


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