Rough Start, Sweet Ending

This day started out rough, and had all the earmarks of ending rougher, it almost did. the typical family stress, nothing unusual, but there is always a heaviness after arguments/flare-ups, at least I can sense it. Similar to visiting with friends or family and the atmosphere “is so thick, you can cut the tension with a knife”.

Well, that’s the sort of evening it was turning out to be. Everyone had gone into the separate corners, if you will, and it was just QUIET; an uncomfortable quiet. With lights off I decided to see if I could “find my muse”, not likely in that atmosphere. I couldn’t concentrate. Then a few moments later, I hear my #3 (18 yr.) sniffling. Thinking she had come out of her room after thinking about the evening, and being saddened by it, I called to her. She had her earphones on, but I couldn’t see them in the dark. When I asked her what was wrong, she said,

“I’m just listening to a song.”

Relieved, I asked her what it was and she handed me her mp3 player and I heard this:

I patted the sofa cushion next to me, and she sat, with her head on my shoulder (she hardly ever does that anymore), and wept. And suddenly I felt so privileged to, not only spend a “little girl cuddle moment” with her, but most importantly, I was able to see, after a very rough night, a young lady who loves JESUS so much, who was being touched by the HOLY SPIRIT.  No doubt she was receiving a “little girl cuddle moment” from HIM, too.

For most of us, we can relate to the lyrics of this song, based on The Parable of the Prodigal Son; either with the  Prodigal himself, or the son who stayed and felt unappreciated and unnoticed by the FATHER:

“You’re doing this for him?! I stayed, I was good, why didn’t you give me what you are giving him?!” (we have our moments when we question GOD, or there was a moment in time when we did once.)

and the FATHER replied,(paraphrased)

“I would have given, if you would have asked me.” (which reminds me of what Jesus said, “you have not because you ask not”) There are so many facets to this parable.  

How sweet an ending to this night…


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