This is just too cute; a blogging buddy http://inlovewiththelord.wordpress.com/  has tagged me. Her blog is full of inspiration and honesty. Check it out when you get the chance 😀

Ok, I’ll play 😉 Clever way to give attention to blogs some of us may not know of.

As with all these sweet awards and cute games, there are rules:

1 Tagged Bloggers should post the rules.

2 Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.

3 Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.

4 Let them know you’ve tagged them.

So, the questions I am to answer:

  1. Favorite veggie? broccoli
  2. Favorite ice cream flavor? chocolate
  3. Favorite flower? don’t have just one I like: star jasmine, orchids, roses, Egyptian Lotus, Calla Lillies
  4. Favorite animal? toss up between dogs and horses because I love sensitive animals
  5. Favorite vacation activity? anywhere I can swim
  6. Chocolate or vanilla? chocolate
  7. Favorite day of the week?
  8. Favorite hide out or quiet place?
  9. Guilty pleasure? anything romantic
  10. Folk Mass or Traditional? no preference; learned to worship regardless of style
  11. Favorite PJs – silk or flannel? silk

I’ve tagged:



Any Lucky Penny

My story to you..

Andy in Oman


Living Simply In Abundance

God is Always Faithful

The Year Of Wonderful Weekends

Wake Up My Faith

soulful existence

Questions: *(answer or not; doesn’t matter to me) 😉

  1. Favorite poem, quote, and/or Bible verse?
  2. Favorite moive?
  3. Classical or Jazz?
  4. Big Band or Latin Jazz?
  5. Reading or watching a movie?
  6. favorite outdoor activity
  7. favorite childhood memory?
  8. funniest thing your child has said? 8.b if  you don’t have kids, funniest moment at work?
  9. muscle cars or luxury?
  10. favorite Sunday activity?
  11. Roller coasters or spin-and-barf rides?

Thanks, again, http://inlovewiththelord.wordpress.com/ for having a little fun with me. 😀








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