Sweetly Unexpected

A day which started out “feeling like this”






ACTUALLY, ended like this

because I CHOSE to do this




and this




(I won’t go into detail about the “why”.  Maybe in a future post, but I will say that for some, rejection is not easy to deal with, especially, when you have the heart of a wife (or husband in some cases.) To quote Forest Gump, “That’s all I’m gonna say about that.”)

Although I “didn’t feel like it”, I pressed on to Wednesday night fellowship, having almost forgotten that a small group and I were going to be vocalizing tonight.  As I got ready, I said in passing, under my breath, “hope you can use me.”

The power of worship cannot be over-stressed or over-taught!

Normally, I am one to shy away from lead vocals and I keep my singing ability under lock and key. I take it seriously. It’s not uncommon for me to close my eyes and not focus on who’s looking; I worship, it’s not in me to “showboat”, but when I was so sweetly asked to lead, it was difficult to refuse. (Have you ever been asked to do something, and seen such sincerity in the person’s eyes that, if you said, ‘No,’ you knew the person would be disappointed? Well, that’s what it was for me.) After only a few bars, there came a SWEET PRESENCE which caught me by surprise because of the intensity. Thinking what was done “wasn’t much”, and to hear, “You touched and blessed me so much”, warmed my heart.

Being entrusted to do something else that I have never been asked to do before – give musical advice and an opinion on another issue – was, to me, a grand compliment. It may seem small or even insignificant to others, but the way this evening turned out, means more to me than I am able to express.

A most sweetly, serendipitous day. 🙂


3 Replies to “Sweetly Unexpected”

    1. You know? I went back and forth with myself about posting this. Based on your comment, I’m happy I chose to obey what I felt in my spirit to post it. (There’s a long back story to this post, as with most of the posts here.) I’m so grateful for your response 🙂

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