Still basking in the LIGHT of my SAVIOR’s LOVE, in my FATHER’s PRESENCE-

a SWEET rushing wind that penetrates to the core, yet soothes the soul and brings PEACE.

How beautiful is the LOVE of OUR SAVIOR!

How mighty is HIS NAME, which causes knees to bend, and demons to tremble in fear!

And when we are filled with HIS SPIRIT, we cannot, we SHOULD NOT ever be the same. 

This past Sunday, I had the great honor of being a part of the Worship Team and it was amazingly intense.  Such a responsibility to help bring the people into the PRESENCE of the LORD vs. being in the seats. (Sometimes I think “the church” has lost value of worship-we know how to praise, but the HOLY OF HOLIES, that special one-on-one place gets overshadowed by “church stuff”, at least I think so.) I haven’t sung like that in years and it felt like home-not being behind a microphone, but being in one accord with the other members of the Team. No big “I’s” or little “u’s”-just worshiping with our whole being.  And made even more special because my #3 was on the drums.  A day I will always remember.


13 thoughts on “After Glow

  1. “How mighty is HIS NAME, which causes knees to bend” — profound words.
    Somehow I related to this on a spiritual level. Thank you for, dear Dulcinea!


  2. Very lovely! And I look forward to meeting you dear sisters, too! Here, or there–wherever. God bless you–love, sis Caddo


    1. You know something funny? I was thinking about you when I was writing this post. I said to myself, “Didn’t Laura tell me that she sang with the worship team at one point?” 😀 Really, no joke. (((big hug)))


  3. incredible to hear of your experience…I am longing for a ‘well’ of praise…(you’re right…it seems to get too often put aside…) flow, Spirit, flow!…


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