I recently acquired a DSLR and I’m lovin’ it, but lately I have been using my camera phone more often than my ACTUAL CAMERA-what?! And instagram has me hooked-the filters are awesome, they make my pictures look cool without much effort. And sometimes I find myself taking pictures just so I can use those filters. A bowl of oatmeal, REALLY?! My kids shake their heads at me, but it’s ok for THEM to be in to it, but not Mom, LOL…

Maybe I should join a support group for Instagram-aholics!  I couldn’t be the only one addicted to it, right?! 😉


23 thoughts on “Confessions of an Instagram Addict

  1. I think I’m the only person in the world who hasn’t downloaded it yet. I must be lazy, because I really do love it and it was such an awesome idea. Although I probably would just post play with pictures all day if I did download it, so maybe I’m just saving myself from trouble! My child has to eat some time 🙂


    1. Of course my post does have some sarcasm in it. Instagram doesn’t rule my day or my life, but I do love taking pictures-love being creative, very relaxing for me. 🙂 And no, you’re not being lazy-your little one takes president over and app. 🙂 No greater joy than being a Mom and everything that comes along with it! Thank you for stopping by-come back anytime

      Blessings 🙂


  2. Beautiful pics! Just love them.I also like being silly and embarrassing my kids .I read that on one of your other posts lol! We were at the fair the other day,the girl’s did not want to get out it was raining.So my husband got out and started dancing to the music, my 5 year old told my 8 year old oh my gosh he’s wiggling all over get on the floor!It’s fun teasing them.


  3. Huh? Your kids would laugh at me more than they do you. Don’t know what you’re talking about here, so please explain to me. lol My camer broke and I can’t afford a new one so my cell phone is my only camera. The pix are aweful, dreadful, totally bad. It seems most people can get there phone pix on facebook with one click and even if I take one that’s less dreadful, I can’t figure out how they do it. My phone isn’t “smart’ but it does have all sorts of apps that came with it and it’s not old or “dumb” and is fairly new, but it sure makes me feel stupid. So, what is your trick? I am having a hard time living without a camera, so wisdom shared would be wonderful. lol Love all your pix, this post and others . . .


    1. Hi, Martha, you cracked me up 🙂 So, I have and “android” phone, which simply means the software the phone uses is called android. And to get extra apps, which is what instagram is, you need to go to your phone’s “app store”, or in my case “android market”. And in the search box, type “instagram” and from there, you can select, and download the app and any other app, directly to your phone. Instagram doesn’t come with a phone as far as I know. It needs to be downloaded separately, and it’s FREE…WOOHOO 😀

      Once, you have downloaded any and all photo apps that interest you,go to your images. And while viewing your photos on your phone, you can select “options”(or whatever the wording is for your phone, select the”share” option, and you should see a menu of all your phone’s share options for you photo, i.e. the ones that automatically came with the phone, AND the ones you download from your app store. After you selected your share option, you’ll be prompted with all sorts of ways to tweak your photo before uploading. It’s pretty fun.

      Let me know how it turns out, please. 🙂


      1. Ah, my phone is a dumb one, so not an android so I don’t know if any of that works on mine. I usually click send in a message and email it to myself and then post it to facebook, etc., by saving the image from my email. Like I said, my phone may be dumb, but it’s smarter than me. lol I can get online, but if I want my email on my phone using their app, I have to pay a monthly fee, so I go online and get it from the internet and can sometimes see it. Tiny type and eye not so strong . . . I don’t know if my phone shares or is selfish. Must find out. lol I do have links to buy apps, but am not sure if those links know it’s a dumb phone.


      2. Found the app store and searched for free photo apps and only one came up and it wasn’t free. Checked my picture thingie and it only has a send and not a share and send is only bluetooth (i’m not) and text msg (which is how I email it so i can then via computer . . . ) so am not feeling dumber and abandoning the idea. Some day I’ll be able to finally own a camera again.


    1. Love taking and sharing pix, but there are “needs” and “wants” and so it’s okay. Thanks. Found some stuff on FB that might work but was loaded with warnings, so gonna stay with my flow but effective approach for now.


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