Hugs for Our Spirit


How wonderful and comforting to know and experience the joy that comes after sorrow. Taking this verse literally, the darkness is only temporary. Even when it comes again, SO WILL THE SUN IN THE MORNING, like the hug our spirit desperately needs, at just the right time.

And I don’t know what it is about the night time that makes a difficult situation feel worse than it is. Maybe it’s the quietness and the stillness of the night, when we are not “doing” and trying to rest but can’t because our minds play that hurtful “video tape” over and over. And when our eyes finally start to feel heavy and we close them, THERE “IT IS” AGAIN!

I’m not a Bible Scholar, would never say I am or pretend to be, but this one thing I do know…

Sorrows come and go, but the JOY of the LORD is forever.





6 Replies to “Hugs for Our Spirit”

  1. I’m no Bible scholar either, but “at just the right time” is in there somewhere, and it’s one of my FAVE verses!

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