Why Do You Blog?

I had to take a step back and ask this question to myself…

An Upturned Soul

Please note: This was written for my tumblr – Damaged & Dangerous – before I had a WordPress. But it applies equally to WordPress. I had a previous WordPress blog many Moons ago, which I deleted for reasons explained below.

For every blog which exists, there is a story behind its creation. For some answering this question is easy, for others it is more complicated. The longer you have a blog, the more the answer evolves as the blog evolves, from whatever impulse first inspired you to start a blog, to all the reasons why you keep blogging. There are those who have multiple blogs, perhaps with a different reason for each one.

Self-expression is probably the most obvious answer. Sometimes you just have to get whatever is inside out and release it. To let your wild self out of its cage and let it roam freely all over the…

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