I Realize That I Am An Insignificant Blurb

Know who you are – PERIOD


I realize that I am an insignificant blurb on your radar in life. However, I am a significant blurb on someone else’s and most importantly I know I am significant!

I realize you do not see my beauty and that’s okay, because someone else see’s not only my beauty but my significance. Again most importantly I see my beauty!

I realize you don’t think I’m important enough to spend time talking with or hanging out with, but the wonderful thing is there is someone else who does. And like I said before, most importantly I love spending time with me and no one can love me better than me!

I realize that you judge my every decision and move, that you look down your nose at me because I don’t dress like you, drive the same car, have the same job, or wear a size 2. That’s OK! Why? Because there is someone who…

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