When Hearts Break and God Cries— #prayforoklahoma


moore oklahoma

I’m at a loss for words over the devastation in Oklahoma.

Today I think about the mothers who, yesterday morning, poured cereal for their children at the breakfast table and today are searching beneath the rubble, crying out for an answer and relief from unbearable pain.

I think about the mothers who will never hold their babies again. Their cries echo through mother’s hearts across America.

I think about the children who witnessed the storm of all storms swirling around them, tearing their school and young lives apart in a moment. Innocence lost as they witnessed death and life collide in a few short seconds.

I think of the ones who lost everything.

Because there is One who knows loss, who has cried from a place of deep pain, who wept over humanity and whose tears drip from heaven today….

Tears that grieve with mourners and wash over a town…

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