Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go….

At just the right time, God leads me to “stumble upon” a post that touches might heart and speaks directly to my situation-I love it when He does that! 🙂

{The Eclecticist}

In my short life still on earth i’ve met wonderful people who have had hard lives and whose struggles are harder than mine. As I was looking at the story of one my heart began to hurt. It spoke to an extreme pain that I had never experienced, and, I hope, never will. But the point is I began to think of how these people have “turned their lives around” after a soiled past that they wanted to leave behind. I just kept thinking of how they may believe that their lives are truly perfect now that they’ve stopped what ever they had done prior to their “realization” and I wonder if they realize the hope that can be found in God. I wish I could speak with perfect clarity about God and his Son, bring them to the love that never ends. But thats not my job as a…

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