While talking to my sister-in-law today, we got on the subject of  what I will be doing once summer comes.  She knew that my volunteer teaching at church would be breaking for the summer and that my youngest would graduating from high school soon and leaving home for university life.  It was basically an empty-nest discussion.  (I didn’t tell her this, but for the past month, or so, there’s been a sense of things coming to an end, and about to start.  And very recently there are two particular somethings that literally seem to have come to an end, concerning near future stuff.)

So when she asked me that question, I suddenly heard myself reply, ‘I’ve been asking the Lord that very question.’  And before I had finished speaking the last few words, something else came to me. Yet again, without thinking, I heard myself saying,

Much like the Hebrews being lead out of Egypt, only to find themselves at the edge of the Red Sea, while being chased by the enemy, at times, you’ll be faced with a challenge, or set of challenges, that seem absolutely impossible to deal with, if God doesn’t step in.  And it may cause you to doubt the steps taken, or the order that was given, because of where you’ve ended up.

(I thought I was sharing something that she needed to hear.  I thought for sure that the Lord was using me to minister to her.  But the one being ministered to was me.)


We must always keep in mind that steps taken in obedience are never wasted.  For, “obedience is better than sacrifice,” and, “the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the Lord.”  All the heaviness and the doubting that we feel is merely the enemy trying to stop what God has set into motion and trying to rob us of the treasure that’s within us – JOY and HIS PEACE.

He says, “Take care of my business.  I’ll take care of your business.”  And He asks, “Do you trust me ?” 

It may seem like He’s taking care of your business little bits at a time, but don’t worry He’s still taking care of it.


7 thoughts on “A Red Sea Moment

  1. There is always movement, there is always progress because life is a continual process.

    Creation never stops and truthfully never slows down. It is our perception of it all which gives us the illusion of stopping, or stagnation.

    We all must try (I say try because it is a challenge at times) to keep our faith and beliefs active, in constant motion, to keep in alignment with the energy of life.

    That creation is what keeps our minds flowing and moving and frees us from any type of bondage or limitations.

    Do not resist and that which you desire will manifest, flow through the doors which you have left open.

    That which I know of God is that he is that free flowing limitness energy which weaves itself in and through every atom of Creation inclusive of you, human being.

    So free up your space and give Him/Her/It (which ever pronoun works for you) room to weave and flow through your being and create wonderful masterpieces!!

    That is the purpose of Creation, that is the purpose of You!

    Blessings to you all!


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