Work or Blogging?

Too funny! Have a look 🙂

Maximum Know-How

Ten reasons blogging is more important than paid employment.Image

Having a job really eats into your day—and can be disastrous to your blog. For months I was posting at least twice weekly until a surge in workload swamped my progress and washed out my SEO value. I don’t know how some of these bloggers manage to pump out quality posts almost daily yet still feed themselves and, presumably, live someplace more comfy than a refrigerator box under the overpass.

To regain my blog-mindedness, I’ve come up with ten reasons to make the big sacrifice.

  1. As with love, you can probably live on blogging alone. (So I’ve heard, anyway.)
  2. Consistent blogging will probably lead to a multimillion-dollar book offer by a leading publishing house. (Just like what’s-her-name, you know… um…..)
  3. The world as a whole will benefit more from your wise and witty literary contributions than your family will benefit…

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