This happens to be one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken.  Cloud formations, the sky in general, is a favorite subject of mine.  I love it because I’m forced to look up, and focus the lens on what I’m shooting; anything that might be in front of me at a lower level.  And in doing so, I’m always reminded that regardless of the darkness, the LIGHT is still existing.  And if I’m patient and wait long enough, I’ll be able to see the LIGHT creeping through, and that will let me know, once again, that the LIGHT overcomes the darkness…ALWAYS.

More often than not, I come away with the notion that nature, itself, gives witness to the ONE who created it.


6 Replies to “Witness”

  1. Dulcinea, we share that in common, i never saw a cloud i did not love, and most of the pictures I take are also of clouds, formations and sunrises and sunsets! I have always looked to the skies because their beauty remind me of how close Heaven really is! Love the picture and the post!!!

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