Not Your Average Christian, Infact, I May Surprise You


{I blackened out a portion because it was not relevant to this post—I don’t promote political parties of any kind.  I’m in this world, but I’m not of it}

***No, I’m not attempting to promote hate-mongering, or hate-speech, or any such thought patterns or actions toward anyone, or group! This post, and other such posts are for the purpose of awareness and prayer-chain related.  As I have many friends who do not share the exact same belief system as I, it is not my intention to offend; and also have a few friends who live in this region who are not of my faith, but I love them-they are family to me, and I want them safe! It’s not my intention, either, to cause riotous thoughts, speech, behavior, etc.  My God, My Savior loves EVERYONE, so, who am I not to!

Moreover, I’m not Islamaphobic!  And it sickens me when I here people who claim to share in my faith, make generalizations.  OUR SAVIOR, JESUS, OUR FATHER in HEAVEN, is the ONLY ONE who is WORTHY to judge anyone. Not all Arabs are Islamic, and not all Islamics are “extreme”; much the same as everyone who goes to church is a Christian…you KNOW that’s not true! I’ll give myself an Amen on that one.  There are people who go to church every single Sunday, thinking that’s what makes them Christian and that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

However, what is my intention is to draw attention to things that are happening beyond your front doorstep.  We here in the West, especially Christians need to WAKE THE HECK UP! We have it very easy here in comparison; we can say anything we want to against our government without threats against our families, and without worrying if we’ll be put into prison.  And I’m a firm believer that if we pray for others’ difficulties as if they were our own, God will also give a blessing to the one who is praying.  Intercession is such an important part of our WALK that it tends to get overlooked because it may seems lazy—how foolish a thought that is!  We are called to bear each others’ burdens.

I guess one could say that I’m venting, or ranting and raving, but this is something that is very near and dear to my heart-PRAYING FOR OTHERS, TREATING OTHERS AS MY BROTHER OR SISTER because they ARE.  We are all  neighbors on this planet.  If we say that we are Christian, then we should be better representatives of HIS LOVE and HIS PATIENCE.  


My heart is going out for the children…


2 Replies to “Not Your Average Christian, Infact, I May Surprise You”

  1. It occurs to me that once a vicious atrocity is perpetrated, the vitriolic religious arguments supporting it are deafened by the collective sorrow of mothers mourning their slaughtered children. I don’t profess to understand what’s happening in Egypt at a political or religious level, but I’m haunted by the grief, confusion and sorrow in the faces of the survivors – especially the mothers who have either lost their children violently – or even worse, to rage. I join you in prayer.

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