The Best Thrill Ride Ever!

It’s a good thing that I love roller coasters so much because the past few days, weeks, months, even this past year, has felt as if I’ve been standing in line for the craziest coaster ever built!

And the past few days it feels as if I’m getting closer and closer to getting on because it’s that sensation of hearing the screams of the passengers and hearing and feeling the rumble of the coaster cars as they go whizzing along the track; but I can’t see what the coaster looks like.

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I only know that I want to stay and ride it, regardless of how scary it may sound, and regardless of how many people think I’m out of my mind for getting in line for a ride that I can’t even see, and won’t know the outcome until it’s over.

I don’t care!

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Deep down, I have a sense that I’ll regret it if I don’t get on it because although I can’t see the coaster, the tracks and all it’s bends, dips, tall drops, and loops, I know by the time I get off the ride, I’ll be where God wants me to be; and having touched a few lives along the way, and they touching mine.  The point is not only the ride, but trusting HIM through the journey of the line, for the journey is the unknown.  Isn’t that what living for Jesus and being filled with the Holy Ghost, and walking by faith and not by sight are all about?

YOUR WORD is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.

HE only allows us to see so far, and we have to continue trusting in HIM, for the rest of the road, and path, roller coaster track, that is not in the sight of the light.

And for someone like myself, by the time I get off, I’ll, probably, be looking and anticipating the next big coaster because I just can’t get enough of the rush.  The power of God available to us, living for Jesus is the biggest, ultimate rush I have ever known!  Do I get sick to my stomach and ask myself,

“What in the world was I thinking!?”

Of course!  But I, also, know that is only the enemy, the devil, trying to plant fear in me, in order to make me decide to get out of the line.  But I’m an adrenaline junky and I love having fun!

I mean, really; what could be more fun than trusting your life to someone who loves you; who can put you in situations that seem, almost, catastrophic, only to find that HE had planned for your protection and safety IN ADVANCE?!  Your best made plans can’t even do that, I don’t care who you are!


6 Replies to “The Best Thrill Ride Ever!”

  1. Great roller-coaster analogy! I can relate since my whole life has been much like a colossal roller-coaster ride, yet when I look back I can see He has been there the whole time. And yes, I also feel like I am again standing in line for the unknown, but also know His hand will be on my shoulder.

  2. Yes, this life is like a roller coaster. I feel a shift of some sort coming. I don’t know what that shift is but like you, I want to be right here waiting and ready to do whatever it is God has planned to do! His ways are righteous. Bless you for being obedient to Him and sharing on your blog! ❤

    1. Oh thank you for your sweet comment Regina-I’m so happy that this post “hit home” for you! What an AWESOME MIGHTY GOD WE SERVE! I’ll be keeping you in my prayers. So glad we met each other in line! 😀

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