Lived. Laughed. Loved.

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Today was a sweet, interesting day filled with tons of laughter, and relationship building.

My girls had my sides hurting with some crazy back and forth; I seriously couldn’t breathe!  (Sigh! I miss my youngest.  But it’s almost the weekend and she’ll be home.)

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And feeling as if I was standing alone in this part of the line, (you’ll have to read yesterday’s post to know what I mean by that), God placed a couple of people in line with me.  The conversations with two of the sweetest souls, fellow “roller coaster riders”, who the OUR SAVIOR used to touch and bless my spirit.  And with this post, I’m returning the love.

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Foreverpoetic & Prayer: Communication With God, thank you for all that you do for OUR LORD.

Everyone, in one way or another, were absolute treasured blessings!  My cup runneth over…




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