After the beautiful afternoon I had talking with a fellow blogger, friend…NAH! She’s my SISTER!  Hearing her voice today was a gift for my heart and spirit that only OUR FATHER knew I needed!

In a nutshell,  we had fellowship and had church right over the phone; encouraging, uplifting each other, and loving on each other.  People and moments like these are very rare, in my opinion.  And I want to cherish and treasure them when they happen.

Love you, SIS! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Speechless

  1. I love you too, Sissy!! ❤️The Lord knows very well what we both needed and praises to Him for blessings us with such a warm, beautiful and encouraging conversation and all you mentioned in this beautiful post. I smiled the rest of my day until I fell asleep. Reflecting and having a heart of thanksgiving increased my love for you as my sister; my Sissy! Prayerfully we will see each other one day in the near future. Hugs , blessings and prayers always for you in Christ our Savior,



  2. I know exactly how you feel–I have a blogger sister with whom I get to “do church” on the phone from time to time! Yippy Skippy, Hallelujah!!


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