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The Social Me Youth Convention, in San Diego – so happy I decided to go along with our youth group.  I can’t believe that I actually contemplated not going!  I had the best group of girls in the entire hotel! 😀

The messages centered around using your online profiles for evangelism, (right up my alley!), and allowing Our Lord Jesus to define you, not the labels that others may put on or TRY to put on you.  It truly resonated in me.  I feel I went to the convention as one person, and came out of it another! 😀

DJ Promote helped us get buck for Jesus, too! 😀 And Propaganda, with his anointed spoken word, was very inspiring and eye-opening.

And it’s always a special treat for me to be in a room full of people praising and worship the Lord!  My prayer is that our young people took that energy for Jesus back to their churches and homes, too.

I truly loved this one-on-one time with the girls.  Getting to know each other better and pray for each other was very special.  They even wanted me to sing them to sleep-and they’re teens! 😀  Of course, I ate that up!

I wonder who the Lord will place with me next year?


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