Gracias, Merci, Faafetai, Thank You

I want to take the time to give a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you, for your support, encouragement, prayers, likes, follows, and comments.  And to those who read and do not make your presence known, thank you for coming by and visiting.

This past year has been a whirlwind of events and journeys.  Thank you for allowing me to share them with you.

May the coming year be the year that you see the fulfillment of those things you have been aspiring to.  And may you be used to be blessing to others.  But most importantly, may you have the peace that can only be found in ONE.

HE loves you and I do, too. 😀



4 thoughts on “Gracias, Merci, Faafetai, Thank You

  1. I have felt like I have neglected you my sister, but I have a new blog, And tonight I had written several poems to our Lord. This one made me think of you, how you share, how you care, how you inspire, how you Love our Lord! I am sharing it with you to inspire you when we begin this New Year! You Dulcinea you are blessed daily by our Lord and I am thankful for what you do! But like I said I am following you again. Know you can still share my poems anytime! God bless you always my sister.

    The Beauty Of His Gift (God)

    The beauty of the gift You have given me
    Is that each day as I sit and write
    The words do always come to my mind
    When I accept from You, Your love’s invite

    I grasp their beauty from the air around me
    Embracing this very romantic time
    Where I can measure the deepness of love
    That this day I do find is only mine

    For I have never seen Your loving face
    Though my spirit has felt Your embrace
    During these special times spent together
    As of Your sweet love I begin to taste

    You allow me to write down line upon line
    Of what You know in the world is lacking
    Allowing me to say it in the simplest of terms
    Where many lovingly can tenderly embrace them

    Feeling Your spirit as it lives in every line
    As each word does tantalize their senses
    Allowing their spirits to reach a different place
    where they may find what their heart had once forsaken

    Allowing for a sweet treasured moment in time
    To let their hearts and minds run uninhibitedly free
    While they dance and embrace this gift of love
    That by Your love through me they do receive.

    Wendell A. Brown

    Though, i wrote this, the spirit within the words remind me how you emulate our Lord with what you do each day. You are greatly blessed dear sister! I know, for we are both a part of that same Living Vine! God bless!


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