Dear Jesus

In HIS perfect timing, my eyes fell upon this post. Please be encouraged, uplifted and reminded of who you truly are.

Three Iron Nails

Do not seek approval in the mirror or in the eyes of other people. In My Presence you have infinite approval.

Dear Jesus,

It’s so easy for me to judge myself on the basis of what I see in the mirror. I know that is fickle and shallow, because my mirror-image is always changing. I’m equally enslaved to viewing myself through the eyes of other people. I tend to evaluate my interpersonal performance rigorously, and I am almost always displeased with something I have said or done. I desperately desire to experience Your approval!

Beloved, “enslaved” is an appropriate word to use. You are indeed a slave when you try to see and judge yourself through people’s eyes. Evaluating your worth on the basis of how you look, to yourself or to others, is always a trap. It’s as if you are sifting sand, searching for gold—yet looking only at…

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