Let’s Try This Again

So, today, as I started to log into WP, for some reason, as if my hands had a mind of their own, I found myself keyword searching “list of reasons why dark soda is bad for you.”

What the…?

That wasn’t on my agenda today.  However for years I have tried to kick that bad habit, only to find myself running back to it, after a few weeks. I really want to loose the desire I have for it, and counteract what has already gone on in my body from having consumed this for so long. Since I was a very little kid, in fact.  I remember my mom would put soda in a baby bottle, with ice, and give it to me as she put me down for naps, after coming home from Kindergarten.  Of course she wasn’t trying to harm me.  It was considered a treat.  Needless to say my parents weren’t health nuts.

photo credit: Google images
photo credit: Google images

At-any-rate, I “stumbled upon” these 3 articles:




And as I was reading, it occurred to me that I already have 5 reasons why I should stop this bad habit.  (Prayers accepted and appreciated.) 🙂

photo credit: Google images

But really, the only reason I need is MYSELF.  And the other 4 reasons you ask?

Well, you’ve seen pictures of them. ♥


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