On Catalyst Giving Chain: An Amazing Social Experiment

Oh my gosh!  Last night my son introduced me to a new site and organization that is doing some amazing things.

Capture Catalyst Giving Chain 

My son had me watch one of their YouTube videos and I was struck by intro alone!

Their mission and their vision is from the heart and full of compassion and touching and changing the lives of everyday citizens-our neighbors.

Whether your Christian or not shouldn’t matter.  We ALL share this planet.  There’s so much going on past your own front doorstep.  And it saddens me when I encounter those who just seem to be in their own bubble-world.  Actually, it breaks my heart.

I’m so very touched and moved to action.

We shouldn’t feel discouraged if we can’t write a check, either!  If you say to yourself,

“But all I can do is pray.  Who am I to do anything, ‘big’?”

We all have gifts and talents that can be used to encourage others, while sharing love and compassion at the same time.  Don’t be fooled.  Nothing is “too small.”  Especially when it’s done with a genuinely loving heart.  ♥ 😀 ♥

Can you imagine?

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