HE doesn’t want what you’ll do for HIM, HE just wants you.  INTIMACY!

Our peace doesn’t come from man, it comes from HIM.

A dear friend of mine spoke those 2 sentences to me this morning.  Please, allow me to encourage you with them, as well.

Don’t allow what others think and say detour you from the thing(s) you KNOW the Lord has called and chosen you to do.  Even if the “thing” is being still and waiting for HIM to move you.  Better to be moved by your Father, than to take matters into your hands, thinking that you’re helping God out.  Only to find that it didn’t work out the way you were wanting it to.  And you end up back on your knees asking HIM to take control of the thing that you wanted control over.

I encourage you to continue staying out of God’s way in order for HIM to have HIS way.  😀

It doesn’t matter what others think.  So, there’s no need to defend what HE is has you doing.  Even if what HE has you doing seems lazy in other people’s eyes.

As my friend so sweetly put it,

Give it all to him.  Every issue. Your heart, even the broken parts, when you don’t know how to let go of a thing, but you want to know how to.

I love you 😀 ♥


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