A Letter to Mom

Dear Mom,

If a wish could magically give you a present, my wish I’d give would be sending you and my #1 to Japan.  However, since we live in reality, I will instead give you this letter telling you know the things I’ll always remember about you, and that come to mind quite often.  Something tells me that you’ll guess most of them before your eyes get there! 🙂

Well, as this guy would always say,

Google Images
Google Images

“And awaaaaaaaay we go!”


I’ll always remember:

  • Little brother and I, on your bed, listening to you read from

download (2)and download (4)

  • You teaching me how to spell my name with blue finger paint.
  • Telling me to zip up my jacket, and telling me to keep it on when I get sweaty.
  • How you would walk me to the school bus and play our “1-2-3-4-5” game.
  • Coming home after school and finding you there waiting for me.  And it staying that way until Little Brother and I were in middle school.
  • You not yelling for us to come in for the night, like the other mother’s did.  You came to us.  And most of the time without a word; just making your presence known.  At least for me, you rarely had to say anything. 🙂
  • You, Grandma & Grandma coming to my 2nd grade classroom to celebrate my birthday.
  • How you allowed me to drive the Mini-Van behind Dad’s back. 😀
  • The way you laughed at the dinner table when Little Brother looked at Dad, and sang the Hefty Bag jingle:
  • For my prom, you allowed me to use the clutch-bag that you used when you and Dad got married.
  • Watching the “Jesus of Nazareth Mini Series” with you.
  • Teaching us that people’s feelings are more important than “things”.

Mom, as you can see, this list could go on and on, but I’ll end it with two more memories:

  1. The time we went to go see the Nutcracker, during my Senior year, Christmas break.  (My Civics teacher told me that I’d always remember that night.  I’m glad he was right.)
  2. How your eyes sparkled and danced when the night “L” and I told you that I was pregnant.


All of these memories, really do, come to mind, from time to time, throughout the day.  There are so many more, too.  I just hope that these are enough.

I love you, Mom.♥  Happy Mother’s Day!





8 Replies to “A Letter to Mom”

  1. This brings back so many memories from within my mind…beautifully written D! How i have missed the way you deliver the messages from within your selfless heart. Hugs and blessings always my sister…needless to say I know your mother is smiling!

    1. Oh my brother-your writing, nay, psalms, which come from your heart always uplifts me to a higher plateau. Thank you so much for your encouragement my brother. Indeed it did make my mom smile when she read it. 😀

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