Luke 18 & 19

Contrasting Luke Chapters 18 & 19

Jesus reminded Zaccheus of who he was-a son of Abraham, and not a worthless person because of being a publican.


  •  Both humbled themselves.  Maybe by the parable, Jesus was letting the people know what was going to happen .


  • The Rich ruler was like the Pharisee in the parable, (puffing himself up).  And unwilling to let go of his stuff.

  • Zaccheus was willing to let go & follow


  • Luke 18:35-43:
      • The blind man knew who Jesus was.  Maybe because his spiritual-eyes saw what his natural-eyes could not.
      • Jesus’ reaction seems very Royal, or better said, demonstrating much authority.
      • Jesus’ authority was established before He entered Jericho (before seeing Zaccheus.)
      • So maybe he heard of all of this ???
  • The rich ruler’s greeting was/seemed to “shine-Jesus’-shoes”, and didn’t believe the depth and magnitude of his own words. Didn’t believe who Jesus truly was ( a good master: virtuous & valuable)???


  •  Luke 19 The people told Zaccheus that it was “Jesus of Nazareth”, but in Ch. 18, the blind man says, “Jesus, Son of David.”


  •  Later in 19, Jesus uses/refers to Himself by using LORD: kurios/koo-ree-os; meaning supremacy, supreme in authority-controller-God, Lord, master, Sir.


  •  Zaccheus, when he stands up and starts talking, uses the same, LORD; recognizing who He was. ???



  • The ones who should have known who Jesus actually was-(the churched, churchy, and pious, didn’t know Him at all.  But the ones who were the “outcasts” knew who He was; and they were able/allowed to get close to Him because of it. ???


Possibly the parable in 19:12-26 was an insight to how God views churchy, disobedient people. ???  Because He sees our hearts AND our outward actions.  They don’t always match. ???

  •  The blind man, the way he addresses (words), AND his heart must have matched…“your faith has saved you” v.42


Zaccheus, although silent at first, his heart must have been right because Jesus called him, and went to his house.


Both, “the blind man” and Zaccheus, didn’t care what they looked like; they just wanted Jesus-regardless.


*Homework that my pastor gave.  These are my personal notes, unedited.

**Please don’t use the following as doctrine.  I’m merely sharing.  You have to study for yourself. 🙂




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