So, I’ve been following this particular blogger  for quite sometime.  It all started shortly after I had started this blog. I had been blogging for only a few months when I happened to stumble upon the monthly photo challenges that she had created.  And since I love photography and wanted to expand my blogging horizons, I started participating.  But since then, I’m kinda embarrassed to admit that…I think…I have developed a blog crush.

I positively love this blog.  It’s cheerful, warm, and full of playful, fun and informative posts.  This blogger doesn’t know how inspiring her writing and sharing truly is. (Have I tried to copy this blogger?  Not at all; at least I don’t think so. I am always inspired and encourage to find my own blogging voice.)  And I was so moved and inspired by her latest post that I felt the compulsion to share it-a little nugget of wisdom from an exchange that she had with her little one:

Photo Credit: Helga Weber (featured image on the original blog post.)

“You don’t have to be beautiful to have lunch…”

“I know, I don’t wear make-up to be beautiful. I do it because…”

And before I could finish the rest of the post, my eyes were wet and I had a lump in my throat.  In and instant, I was recalling all those moments, over the years, where my kids, especially my youngest, would say something so genuinely innocent and sincere concerning how she viewed me.  And how in those moments, all negativity was erased.

It’s difficult having negativity thrown in your face.  And equally as difficult when it’s being throwing by someone who should be doing the exact opposite.  And to be a mom of 4 adult kids, 3 of whom or girls, I always hope that I’m a good role model for them.

I guess parenting never actually stops.  It grows and changes; but never stops…






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