Humanity: Something We All Should Be Concerned About

While I was searching for news this morning, on one of my favorite news sites, I happened to stumble upon this story, buried under the never ending articles of the Middle East.  (Please don’t get your knickers in a bunch!  Yes, I know that everything happening is important.  It’s just that over the years I’ve noticed that more things seem to be more important than others. And humanitarian pieces tend to get overlooked.)

In Tanzania, people who have Albinism, (commonly know as ‘Ablbino’), are segregated, brutalized, sexually assaulted, or even murdered.  (I’m not going to say anymore about the actual accounts.  You’ll just have to follow the links I’ve inserted, and read it for yourselves.)

Excerpt taken from a PDF found on
Excerpt taken from a PDF found on

After reading the initial article, I did a Google search on an organization named, and found more information concerning these precious souls.

On the website for the organization, Under the Same Sun , I found a link to PDF that I chose to read.  All of the images were far too graphic for me to post here.

“We need support to respond to the humanitarian crisis” ~ Red Cross: from CNN article

Why am I posting something like this?  Well, it’s something we should all be aware of.

“People with the genetic condition, characterized by a lack of pigment, are often referred to in Tanzania as ghosts, or zero zero, which in Swahili signifies someone who is less than human. Witch doctors often lead brutal attacks to use albino body parts in potions they claim bring riches.” ~ Associated Press

Am I trying to be some super-blogging-hero? Nope.  As a mother, I find that this piece has become more than just a “piece of news.”  It tugged at my heart to the point of wanting to share this with as many people as possible.


*{And to those of you who call yourself Prayer Warriors and Intercessors, you should already know what to do…}



9 Replies to “Humanity: Something We All Should Be Concerned About”

  1. People have to be blind to not see we are now in the final hours of the last days. There is so much pain, so much evil……As sons and daughters of God we need to be strong as we face all of the enemies schemes. God is our strength. Thanks for bringing that to light…..

  2. It’s sad to see how many facts that people should actually be aware of,are actually “hidden” from us.You making this post means a lot,I hope more people had the patience to look into things and cover such important phenomena!

  3. I think you are right that there are some issues that out weight others; those quiet/silent issues like the one you posted, are often overlooked because they don’t grab our attention. I am reblogging it for Righteous Cause Monday

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