So …

So I was thinking about those of you who have a relationship with Christ, yet don’t attend church, what is your reason(s) for doing so?

A few years ago, that was me. And I can clearly remember my reason.  It was because I thought that the churches I was visiting were not strong enough to deal with the situations that my family and I were going through.

I was so tired of the “hunky-dory” messages! I was hungry for messages with real substance to help me learn and grow.  I was wanting to fellowship with people who were not afraid of their battle scars; to hear how the Lord got them through their rough times.

But instead I felt isolated and unworthy.

The sudden separation and pending divorce from my husband, among other things my kids and I were dealing with, sent me into a depression, which lasted for 2 years. Sleeping was difficult, and greying out of beef wad a struggle. Putting on my “happy face” got tiring, too. I would attend church, but only when my kids were performing. (I really felt the presence of the Lord during those services.)

However I had big plans. My plans were to get a car and go back to the church wet used to attend years before.  But it seemed that I was stuck going to a church that was conveniently 3 minutes down the street. That was the summer of 2010.

Fast forward to December 2, 2011, @ 2:00 p.m., I clearly heard the Holy Spirit tell me that i was being called to attend this church they i wanted nothing to do with.  And I instantly knew that I was going on assignment: to be a prayer warrior for the pastor and the leadership.

Since then, it’s been a rollercoaster ride. But I see God using me.  Working with the kids and being on the Worship Team helps keep me sane. (Singing and kidsthe best part of me.)

In writing this today, it’s occurring to me that i allowed other people’s judgements about me to take root.  I didn’t have to allow ANYONE to make me feel unworthy.  Especially if i had been stronger in the Lord and sure off who i am in HIM.

I also understand that some people in church leadership stress not selling God in all aspects, and are being governed by their own mindsets. I have to remember that I am serving God not man. (Yes, we are human.  And  that’s the reason why we should keep our church leadership in our prayers on a regular basis.)


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