“God is holding out on me”

Ran across another gem this morning. Hope it touches YOU, as much as it touched me. 😀 Thanks you http://daughterbydesign.wordpress.com/ for being such an inspiration and blessing. 😀

WHEN GOD IS SILENT, TRUST GOD, DOES GOD HEARCan I be honest about something today? Sometimes I just don’t get God.

I don’t get Him because He is Almighty and Sovereign.

He has the power to do absolutely anything in the world.

He can answer the prayer you have been praying for years in a millisecond and yet He doesn’t.

He deliberately chooses not to.

It’s not that He doesn’t hear you.

It’s not that He doesn’t care about you.

It’s not that He wants your future to be bleak and hopeless.

No… He has great plans for your life.

And yet even when you are down on your knees crying out for answers, for healing, for an open door, and for a breakthrough He remains silent.

This is something Mary and Martha knew too well.

Their brother Lazarus had gotten sick so they immediately sent Jesus word to come and heal him.

They knew all it would…

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