(I love each and every one of you.  But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that God’s loves you so much more.  And His love that He expresses through Jesus, is sweeter than any candy that your kids will get tonight! Have a great weekend. :)♥


7 Replies to “Wooo!”

  1. This is a sweet as it gets. And no worries about getting cavities. In fact, if we do have any cavities, in our hearts or in our lives, Our God can fill any and all of them!!

    Today was a bit hard for me. I had to face some tough things all with a smile on my face. When the day was done and I was on my way home, I paused for a moment to catch my thoughts. I decided to take that moment and check in with my Father above…and say a prayer. The moment I started to pray I just felt SO completely overwhelmed with love and a feeling like I had just got “home”. I cried and cried and let all the stress and fears go..

    Many years ago.. I was traveling to see my family (mom, dad, younger siblings) with my then husband and our kids. It was not as enjoyable as I had hoped. We argued. It was stressful. But I had to keep myself together…well, because I was an adult, and I had my kids to take care of. When we arrived at the meeting place and I saw my mom (it had been about a year)…. I unexpectedly just started to sob. I was sad and happy at the same time. Sad for the life I had and happy because I was WITH MY MOM!!!! I was “home”. I was safe.

    That is how I felt today. Maybe even better! I know He truly does love us and our “home” is with him… no matter where we go… no matter what we do.. no matter who we are..

    It doesn’t get any sweeter..

    Much love to you and yours, Dulcinea ❤

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