Get Real

Well, as you can see, I’ve been doing some tweaking on the blog.  And I’m pretty happy with the changes.  But if you’ve been following for more than a month, you know that I change my blog often.  Hopefully this time, I’ve found look that I’ll keep for awhile.

While making the changes on the blog, I noticed how different my posts are now, compared to when I first started.  And that got me thinking,

‘Am I being real?  Have I lost the reason and initial purpose of what this was supposed to be?  Am I really letting Light shine?’

I had to take a deep breath, and answer…No!  I realized that I was had become a blogger that was trying to cover up, and hide behind blogging.  Still not wanting to be seen because of all that has been happening with me, personally, and with my family.  Totally NOT what this blog was intended to be, at all.

My church recently finished a women’s series entitle ‘Get Real.’  A very transforming series about our relationship with Christ, and what He wants to do with us, and through us; especially the aspect of getting real with ourselves and acknowledging our short-comings, moving forward, and letting go of the past.

That was such an uncomfortable series for me because I had never been good at acknowledging weakness.  But it was soooooo good for me, since I do sense a call on my life for ministry.  And this very blog is a ministry that I have neglected and had started turning into something that it wasn’t supposed to be.  I took control away from the One who lead me to do this in the first place.  And I felt the unction to repent about it.

Having said all this, I will begin sharing things that the Lord has seen me through, and those things that He’s STILL seeing me through.

I don’t like advertising flaws, or what the enemy does.  Today, though, I was hit with the thought that I’m not going to be advertising the enemy, but sharing just how great and marvelous our God is; how He uses whom He chooses, regardless of the mess.  Ultimately, to allow others to see that they are not alone in their everyday struggles.

By sharing these things, I know people will be ministered to, and find a place where they can feel accepted by our Savior; even if they don’t believe the way I do. 🙂

Christians are not perfect…PERIOD.  But there’s so much beauty in imperfection when I allow Jesus to shine through.  And I must admit, sharing will be a bit therapeutic, too. 🙂

*(For those of you who started following for that reason, I apologize for being neglectful.  It should never be about popularity, or numbers, but about being myself, in EVERY aspect, instead of trying to be a “better blogger.”  AND if any representative of Jesus, (for that is exactly what a Christian is), has made you feel unworthy, unloved, unforgivable, or has just been a flat-out bad representation of Christ’s love and forgiveness…please allow me to apologize on their behalf.  We’re not all like that…)


4 Replies to “Get Real”

  1. What a great post! And good for you, girl!! You are such a great example to me. It is hard to just be real sometimes…scary because of what people might think/say. I was so tired of worrying about others (eh, hem…read, my ex) thought..that I had to put up reminders to myself to care more about what Jesus thinks than anybody else. I have had them up for a few years now. I have one in my car, on my fridge, on my bedroom mirror…and one on my bathroom mirror. I didn’t want to FORGET!! 😉

    Much love to you! ❤

  2. Dulcinea,

    It sounds like the Lord is really working in your life. I am praying for him to give you boldness and wisdom as you continue to grow in His grace and minister for Him. Lord bless you my friend.

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