Not of This World

 © Hodppodge4theSoul™ ~ 2015 ~ All Rights Reserved
© Hodppodge4theSoul™ ~ 2015 ~ All Rights Reserved


“She’s so heavenly minded that she’s no earthly good.”

Shortly after I received Christ, I used to hear that phrase all time.  This would be said by some, in the attempt to “warn me” about certain people to stay away from.  Most of the time, this phrase would be said about the very people I should have been introduced to, in order to grow me.

I’ve come to realize, that there’s no such thing as being “too heavenly minded.”  If anything, to be a follower of Christ means that I should be more heavenly minded.  After a worship service, either at church or on my own time, I feel like an alien from another planet.  I’m either all in Him in every aspect of my being and life, or I’m not.

Many around me don’t understand this, and that’s OK.  I’ve learned that the ones who are not very understanding, are the ones who feel the Holy Spirit convicting them.  And I’m not talking about preaching to people.  I mean, just being who I am, others get uncomfortable.  And that used to get to me until I learned that there are some in the body of Christ who are very comfortable with being carnal.  It’s not for me to judge, but LIVE FOR CHRIST ANYWAY.

If I’m too heavenly minded, that’s just fine with me because one of these days,  He’s coming back, and I’ll where I belong.



6 Replies to “Not of This World”

  1. Hi Dulcinea,

    Thanks for your posting. It really is a great encouragement to me to keep my mind on the Lord. It is so easy to get involved with many earthly concerns and loose sight of what is really important.

    I have to agree with you… If we are heavenly minded in a Scriptural way, it will only enhance our service to Christ.

    In my way of thinking, being heavenly minded involves, at least, three different principles:
    1. To always recognize the Lord’s workings in our lives and appreciate them. (1 Thess 5:18)
    2. To always be in prayerful communion with the Lord (Ephesians 6:18)
    3. To think about the blessings our eternal future holds for us (Hebs 11:13-16)

    By God’s grace alone, am I able to keep my mind on these things.

    By the way, I like the new blog look and contents as of late. The Lord is working! I trust your holidays went well, just trying ot get caught up after taking a break over the holidays.

    May the Lord continue to bless you Dulcinea.

  2. Amen. Don’t stop being in love with Jesus. .. telling and showing the goodness of the Lord is like fire shut up in your bones that you have to release. Praise the Lord, Sissy! Keep being who you are and created to praise the Father above. Love ya!

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