We are at our best when….

The Isaiah 53:5 Project


This morning a daily devotional I recieve via email said the following.

We are at our best when we are creating.

Like the presence of a breeze on a stagnant day, creativity invigorates us. It connects us to our purpose. It enables us to give. To inspire. To invite others into a new perspective

Don’t overlook this aspect of your life. God has given you innumerable ways in which you can express creativity. But it will never be realized if you think because you can’t paint like Picasso or sing like Whitney Houston that your creative stirrings are worthless. If you never act on the gifts you have been given (no matter how “small” they seem) you most likely will lose them.

Sound and biblical advice for anyone who has been stifling the creativity that lives inside each one of us.

What spoke to me personally are the sentiments in…

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