Why Did I Doubt?

(just read it…)

A Story By Me

Matthew 14:25-33

Five years ago this month, on January 22, 2010 my father in-law passed away.  That was the day I realized God was real and I began searching for more information about Him. A few months later I gave my life to Jesus.

About a year after I became a Christian I started having health problem after health problem.  Over the past few years I have had a bit of everything…heart issues, a problem with my esophagus, 4 knee surgeries, a hysterectomy and some very serious eye issues.  January of 2011 I had a blood clot in my right eye and at one point I was almost totally blind in that eye.  That was eventually healed I now have most of the vision back in that eye and what is missing I do not notice with both eyes open.  After that healed a few months later other eye problems started and over the past 4 years…

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