Note To Self

{I tweeted the following a few days ago…}

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

Note to self:

Stop comparing yourself to other women.  I’m not less than, I’m already beautiful because of whose image I’m made in.



2 Replies to “Note To Self”

  1. AMEN to that, sister! It is true! Really! I have been thinking the same darn thing. I am so tired of hating on myself. I am so mean to myself at times. I have been trying REALLY hard to remember that God made me just the way I am so I had better just love it. It is HIS gift..and sometimes we can just be ungrateful!!

    p.s. YOU have the most beautiful hair. I [strongly dislike] my own frizzy curly do. It is one of those things that I am trying to come to terms with. He made me like this!!! ;p

    MWAH!…to you!.. you sweet, gorgeous, talented, and intelligent woman 😀

    1. To God be the Glory. I was just sharing what was on my heart a few nights ago, after a not-so-pleasant evening.

      Virginia, I wish I had the curls you and my kids have! I do have curly hair, but not the lovely ringlets. 😀 And your smile lights up a room!

      Thank you for your endless encouragement! 😀
      (Big Hug to you!) 😀

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