(Getting something off my chest…)

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Photo Credit: http://www.123rf.com













I feel a sort of deep pinch in my spirit when I come across “haters”, in the closest of places, especially when it’s against one of my precious ones, and tries to stifle the anointing within. Actually, it makes me furious because at times, it’s coming from someone who should really know better. That refining, hurts; that pressing of the olive, to get every drop of oil, painful!  Yet we are to count it all joy.

And that’s very difficult to do, at the onset of a hater rearing its ugly head.  The vibes can be thick and ugly, as if all of the negativity coming out will seep into the very fiber of your being.

However, I firmly believe that the more someone tries to sit on the cork, the greater the anointing will be.  Like a slow simmering gumbo to get that optimum richness and flavor.  For, we’ll be emptied of self, and filled with all of Him, to be used, at just the right point in time, to minister to someone else.

Although painful, it’s all worth it in the long-run.





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