Man!  The past 6 weeks have flown by so quickly!  My church hosts a 6 week basketball league to the surrounding community and we had a huge turn out this year!  It’s funny because I really didn’t think that I wanted to be a part of it this at all.  My heart wasn’t in it at first.  But it seemed the more ugly my private life was becoming, the more I was feeling “that tug” to be a part of the basketball league.  And I felt a desire to be a vessel the Lord could touch people through.

Thinking that the people touched would only be the “new comers” and the returning basketball participants, I wasn’t prepared for how He was using me to touch members of my own church.  I was prepared to be a blessing, but I wasn’t prepared for the blessing that I was receiving in return.  Love and kindness from sources who normally wouldn’t give me the time of day, tripped me out, for lack of a better term. 🙂  And the more I availed myself, even through financial hardship, the more the Lord was blessing – not so much financially, but in my spirit.

I started feeling stronger, on the inside.  (And still do.)  Ugly marriage junk, which I will not get into now, was a major road block that the Lord had under control.  Not knowing how I would get to and from the events every weekend was burdening me.  But I as said a few sentences ago, my spirit was growing stronger, and I didn’t seemed so bothered by the junk coming at me, from a person who’s supposed to “be there for me”, but is choosing not to be.

One major blessing during the past 6 weeks, and you moms will understand this, concerns my oldest daughter.  I’ve noticed her fire for Jesus has come back, and started influencing my younger daughter in the same direction, in terms of personal devotion and getting involved in ministry. To me, that’s greater than a large bankroll!

One of many things with myself, I’ve noticed that I’m not so, hell-bent on my kids attending the same church as I do.  My youngest is still attending, but the age of my 3 oldest, they have to grow in Jesus and learn to hear the voice of the Lord for themselves.  And I am in a new position of trusting.  Trusting in the Lord with praying and parenting from a distance.  (So out of my character, by needful for my kids, if that makes any sense.) 🙂

So, this Saturday is the last basketball game, culminating with a trophy ceremony and carnival on Sunday.  I’m going to miss seeing the little guys running around the court, and miss visiting with the parents.  And I pray that with every handshake and hug given, everyone will be able to feel the love of Jesus.  And that hearts will be wooed to a relationship with Christ.




3 Replies to “Whew!”

  1. What a sweet story. Just wonderful…

    The Lord works in very mysterious ways, doesn’t He. He knows our needs, better than we do. He knows how to meet them, better than we do. And He gives us so much more than we ever ask for…even if we don’t recognize it at the moment.

    Thank you for sharing this. Thanks for always being such a light in this world!!

    XO!! 🙂

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