Rambling About My Week

It just so happened this week that I was able to spend a few days with my best friend and her family.  As much as I love hanging out with my crew, it did feel nice to get away.  I didn’t realize that I needed it as much as I did.  Even Wonder Woman had a break now and then, right? 🙂

It’s been awhile since we the last time we hung out.  And I was able to spend a few days and nights at her place.  O-M-Gosh, it was a blast! She has 3 small boys who are handfuls, but they crack me up!  The entire visit felt more like a slumber party.  We were able to vent, share, and be silly in our true-to-form fashion.  It’s such a blessing being able to be myself, without worrying if I’m going to offend.  No, I didn’t take a vacation from being a Christian.  I was able to be my Jesus-loving, silly, crazy self without being judged by the I’m-a-better-Christian-you-are people.

Instead of my usual, Wednesday night thing, I was somewhere that I needed to be-just as much ministry as being in at a church function.  And evidently, I was rejuvenated in spirit, with laughter.  My friend has no idea how much the Lord used her and her sweet family to minister to me this past week.  The laughter was uninhabited and loud-a very welcome dose of medication.  We even made fun of ourselves by mentioning that we should stock up on Poise. 😀

Most likely our humor is not all that funny to other people, but we know exactly what button to push, and how to push it to get optimum laughter.  And for the both of us, it’s “I Love Lucy.”  Don’t ask me why.  It just is.  Her boys get the biggest kick out of watching their mommy and I laugh.  And what makes it even funnier, her husband gets this confused look on his face.  Of course that always prolongs the laugh-fest. (Poor guy 🙂 )

Did I take a break from being a Christian? Of course not.  She and I cultivated and tended to our relationship.  40 years of friendship, it was really a great week! 😀



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