Who Said New Is Easy?

New bike.  New clothes.  New car.  New house.  New haircut/hairdo.  Who doesn’t like receiving something new?!  It’s fun and exciting, right? But what if your “new” wasn’t the way you had thought it was going to be.  What if your “new” meant leaving people, or in my case a person, behind that you never had the intention of leaving behind.  And what if this “new” comes shortly after you had the most incredible experience with the Lord that you’ve had in a very long time.

What if new means allowing yourself to be stripped of everything you were holding on to in order for the Lord to place you where He wants you.  What if that place isn’t where you thought it was going to be.  What if “new” looks like the enemy has put up a major road block.

What do you do-give up, or keep trusting?

What if trusting feels too scary.

Well, you keep trusting anyway.  You keep obeying Him anyway-knowing that you’re in His will even if everything around you…(well I’m just going to say it)…sucks!  You keep focused on Jesus, calling out to Him when you need to because the stormy see is no place to be without Him.  And the things being left behind might only be for a season.  And some of the things left behind will be permanent.  No matter what, you keep trusting knowing that the Lord is holding your hand and will never let you go.

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