At one point in my life, I viewed change as an enemy.  And as I’m getting older and as I continue growing, that view is starting to change.  This new change in me has been very evident the past week or so.  A sudden pending move would have thrown me for a loop just a few short weeks ago.  Not that I would have been an emotional wreck, I would have been pretending on the outside and silently panicking on the inside.  And my sleep would have been robbed.

Within the past week and a half, and a few short days after a life changing encounter with the Lord, my family and I were hit with the news of a new move that would need to happen in a short period of time.  What?!  There’s no way a move can happen in a short period of time.  There’s hunting potential properties, packing, and still attempting to stay focused on the Lord’s assignment, all the while trying to ignore the stormy sea of the situation.

My spirit had started to feel depleted and as a result, I started feeling disappointed that I wasn’t able to “feel that fire” the way I did after the women’s conference.

‘Did God really do something new in me, or was it just emotional?’

For four days I wrestled with that question, until this past Tuesday morning.  As I prepared to open my Bible, I distinctly heard, ‘Galatians.’

Not a bad idea since I know that the Book of Galatians speaks about the fruits of the Spirit. So I started to turn to the chapter which talks about the Fruits of the Spirit when I found myself turning to the first chapter instead.  Huh! Ok, what could it hurt-no such thing as “too much Word,” right?  So as I read, I came across Paul asking the Galatians a question:

“Who has tricked you and who has turned you away from the true Gospel?”

What?!  I haven’t turned from the true Gospel!  But as I continued to read Paul starts telling the Galatians, (and us for that matter,) that if we believe in Jesus and if He is the Lord of our lives, then we become His children and that we are heirs to the promise that He promised so long ago to Abraham.

No brainer to some of you.  I have read this many times in the past.  I knew these verses existed.  But for some reason the seemed brand new.  And I realized that the enemy was the one who had tricked me and he will be accursed because he was messing with God’s child.  I further realized that just because God does a new thing in us, and we allow Him to make us new, that won’t mean the a storm isn’t going to come.  The storm comes to blow us into the direction He wanted us in, in the first place.  So immediately the disappointment of the “feeling” was replaced with a confidence that my experience was real and not merely emotional.  And that alone has kept me going all week.

Do I have all the answers?  Nope.  It just means that I’m not afraid of what is around the corner.  Seriously, within the past few days, a new place literally fell into our laps!  At first I was concerned because I would be so far removed from what the Lord has assigned for me to do.  Yet again, I realized that God doesn’t half-step.  If He’s got you, then He’s got all of you-concerns, minor details, the whole shabang!  And now, my girls and I will be in our own place.  Yes, something, or someone is being left behind.  However, I’ve heard too many testimonies and believe that I serve a miracle working God that it’s not as devastating as I thought it was going to be.

When we truly rely on the Lord, when stay in the Word and feed on it, remember that Jesus is everything, He really becomes everything to the point you can feel a strength coming-out-of-nowhere!  It’s then that you notice that it’s ‘not I but Christ who lives in me.’  His love and grace know no end!


(Photos of new place to come.  Don’t trip. 🙂 Have a blessed weekend! )


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