What A Mighty God We Serve!

Ah!  I love coming into town on Wednesdays because it’s my night to help out with our Youth Group.  Not only am I glad about that but I’m able to be at my favorite “public office” to share a post or two with you. 🙂

A lot has happened since the last time I posted.  This is the 2nd week in the new place and it’s been amazing so far!  Seeing how the Lord has been providing-seriously Him, and staying out of His way so He can work all things out-has been mind-blowing!  The thing that sticks out the most, is that the Lord moved on someone to bless us with brand new furniture.  What?! Who does that?! (Uhm, Lord God Almighty that’s who!)  Jubilant is all I can say to describe this past Saturday morning, when a delivery man came knocking at our door.  With every piece that came in, I could only stand in the hallway and have a “personal moment.”  And you best believe my daughters and I had a Praise-break/happy dance when the delivery people left! 🙂 The person wished to remain anonymous, so all I can do is lift up a prayer for this dear one.

This is the kind of God we serve!  When all you have is your faith in Christ, and standing on the Word, (for Christ IS the Word,) and still being content and confident that He’ll work all things out, when it looks so dark, that’s when He loves to show up and show out.  Is everything hunky-dory?  No!  My girls and I are human and get on each others’ nerves. 🙂  But we also make each other laugh.

Yes, it benefited my daughters and me, but I believe all of this is being done for us to be able to brag about who our Jesus, and to encourage others who may be going through similar-my son especially.  He was very concerned when we told him about the move.  He came for a visit a few days ago and was happy to see the place and to see that we are OK.  Living on his own, and struggling with his own faith,  I’m sure my son was ministered to during the visit-even if he wouldn’t want to admit it. 🙂

I can’t wait to see what else the Lord is going to do before His return! 😀



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