Semper Fi

So how have y’all been?  It’s been a crazy past couple of months.  During this time, I had been considering stopping this blog, since inspiration for content had suddenly become a memory, and I can’t bring myself to post something just for the sake of posting-know what I mean?  So, I had started pouring myself into…nothing.  For some reason, I had convinced myself that blogging, alone, was my ministry.  And I became so disappointed because I hadn’t posted anything of substance for a long time.  Yet the Lord was reminding me that He had chosen me for intercession long before He the blog came about.

But this past week, I suddenly became sick-and-tired of being spiritually sick-and-tired.  So the Holy Spirit lead me to my prayer closet-my secret “me and Jesus” space.  Has something serious happened to someone in your life, that super charges you into prayer action, to the point wanting to see Him move in that person’s life, as if “it” was happening to you?  Well, that’s what this past week has been for me.  Was the enemy relenting?  Of course not!  He can’t stand it when we stand in the gap on someone else’s behalf.

Your efforts for fasting gets attacked, your prayer time will be ambushed, to the point of feeling exhausted or defeated.  But that’s to be expected.  While the enemy is doing his job to distract and destroy, we should be doing our job: counter-attacking in the Spirit-Holy Spirit Covert Ops.-for our families and church leadership.

Forgive me for not going into greater detail as to why I was thrusted into this. All I can say is that the time is short, and we need to be manning our positions that the Lord has told us to man.  Complaining that you don’t have a more prestigious position isn’t going to serve any purpose.  And it will start hardening your heart and make it more difficult to hear His voice.

We should always be ready to fight in the Spirit.  The Lord will show Himself faithful because.  We need to be patient and keep believing that He will answer and perform the miracles that we have been asking Him for.



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