A Past Lesson Is Still Fresh

I’m not sure if I’ll have anything much to say today.  We’ll see later.  Right now, I’m going to flashback to a post I forgot about.  It’s pretty vague and not very transparent, but I pray the Lord touches hearts through it today, as I hope He did when I originally posted it.

It was June 2013, the week my youngest was going to graduate from high school. I wasn’t handling it very well and was trying very hard not to show it.  Freshly separated, I wasn’t looking forward to empty-nesting at all. I wanted to make up for time lost when I was working and not available for my kids.  But time doesn’t pause-it keeps going.

Looking for work and the blog had become my focus and I was starting to think that I should give up blogging when I posted, “A Red Sea Moment”, on this particular day in June.  But Jesus gave me the reassurance that so desperately needed…




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