Dropping Pounds

I’ve had this on-again-off-again issue with posting about my weight loss journey.  A couple of years ago, I posted about it, and was encouraged to keep posting updates concerning it.  But got cold feet. However this time I am very confident that I’ll be posting about it.  Not to show off or for having something to blog about.  I’ll be sharing some more personal stuff that the Lord has healed me from. It’s not going to be easy for me.  In fact it’ll be down right uncomfortable and I’m squirming in my seat just thinking about it, or the squirming could be from all the squats and dead-lifts I’ve done this week. 😉



9 Replies to “Dropping Pounds”

  1. I’m embarrassed to share my weight loss journey. But I love that there are those who take vulnerability in all areas of their lives. We need more transparency. I’m working on that myself. I start and stop, start and stop. But being that I just turned thirty -something. I’m ready to start and finally succeed.

  2. bummer – been struggling with working out again and this was very convicting, especially about the “things God’s working on in me” part. And, I’m taking a bucket list 50th birthday trip to Costa Rica to learn to surf. Time to hit the gym. bummer

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