“One Word”: Compassion International Writing Prompt

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What is my word for 2016?  What is God wanting to underscore in my life?  I wrote earlier this year that He was really telling me that I should be feeding my spirit man more.
And I shared it on the Compassion International Blog site. Yet at the same time, I can honestly say that trust would have be my word.

Being in a new living situation…I’m having to trust the Lord for everything.

Being in a new living situation with my girls, separation from their dad, and being lead to ministry, I’m having to trust the Lord for everything-especially since two of my daughters don’t quite understand that I’m not relying on a paycheck.  My resting in Him, to some, may seem lazy on the outside.  However, it’s not.  I learned a long time ago that money is not everything.  Money is just money.  A paycheck is just a paycheck.  To put so much importance on it is to make it my idol.  Back when my family and I were homeless, I worked crazy hours in order to impress supervisors and to get raises.

Trusting in the Lord isn’t being lazy!

Nope! There’s nothing wrong with a good work ethic.  The issue is when working gets in the way of what the Lord wants and you start trusting in that paycheck rather than the Lord.  I took shifts that didn’t allow me to go to church on Sundays.  I was working shifts that kept me away from my kids and I wasn’t able to volunteer at their schools the way I had done earlier on.  My husband was unemployed and I was the provider.  Not until I lost my job, did I get a big reality check.  In one swift blow, as if the Holy Spirit hit me upside the head, I realized that a paycheck is just a piece of paper, and that my Savior, my Father is my true provider.

Learning to trust in the Lord is a lesson that never comes to an end.

And that’s what I’m reminded of nowadays.  With the blessing of a newly redesigned apartment and landlords who are totally a blessing, my girls and I are put in a new level of trusting.  However, it’s not as easy for them as it is for me because I have that past lesson that I get reminded of.  For my girls, they are learning their own lessons of trust.  Oh my gosh it’s so hard for me when I see the inner struggle!  It’ll be in forms of lashing out, to just being very introspective.  As a mom, I want to drive home the lesson, but I’ll be reminded of their ages and I step aside to allow the Lord to move.  That is not easy, but I’m getting there. 🙂

Within a week, or within hours,  after they have had a personal devotion time, or after coming back from church, I’ll see on their faces or in their eyes that the Lord has sweetly reminded them that He is with us and is our provider. Where He leads, the provision is already there.  God’s got it! 🙂

Everyday, I see the benefits in trusting Him!

Trusting in the Lord is a concept that I thought was a one-time-lesson-type-of-thing. Meaning, once a person goes through something and learns how to trust, I thought that that was it.  But I’m realizing day by day, that there are levels of trusting we go through, if we want to grow-even more so when He’s chosen you for any kind of ministry.  Trusting Him in the everyday things, rent, bills, gas, vehicles, furniture,  it’s all taken care of!

My girls each have their own cars now.  We have a house full of brand new furniture that we didn’t have to pay for-someone anonymously donated.  What?!  That’s how our Jesus rolls!  That’s the type of God we serve!  He’s just waiting for us to get out of His way so He can show off for us.  I truly believe that guys.

So what do you think your word for 2016 is?  What is the Lord trying to underscore in your life lately? Trust?  Patience?  If you’re not sure, ask Him.  🙂


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5 Replies to ““One Word”: Compassion International Writing Prompt”

  1. My word is Love, which is similar to compassion. In my opinion, love covers every word and everything. If I had three words, they would be faith, hope, and love. Faith worketh by love! Keep believing in Our Heavenly Provider, and eagerly expect his mercies daily (our daily bread). I am expecting miracles too, for me and for you. God will provide!

  2. Faith…, which has embraced your heart always, when I lost my job and became disabled i never doubted God and kept moving, walking talking, writing and praising God. I love you dear sister! You faith will be blessed abundantly!

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