Photographers Worth Following

For the past few weeks, I’ve been busy visiting other blogs and tweaking and interacting on my social media platforms that I use.  And I am loving the sites and accounts that I’ve been stumbling upon! Photography is a passion of mine that I want to perfect. I know that I get it from my Grandpa Smith, my mom’s dad.  Every family trip, every family event he always broke out his camera to capture the moments and memories.  My daughter Kerry has inherited the same passion.  She has a great eye.  Her shots on Instagram are very beautiful.  I’m pleased that she doesn’t just use her smartphone, but uses her DSLR as well.  (A true photographer’s weapon of choice.) 🙂

There really are some wonderful photographers that I follow on Instagram.  One of the photographers I follow, Josh Ramirez, is a friend of my daughter and an excellent photographer.  After viewing his set of Yosemite, I’ve nicknamed him “The New Ansel Adams.”

I’m just dying to share a photo or two of theirs, but I suggest that you click over to see their creations for yourself – they’re well worth the visit.

   New Horizon Photography™  
                   Josh Ramirez






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